OPINION: It’s not too late: A plea to Republican officeholders

By Carla Blanton, for The Kentucky Gazette

I watched in deep shock and dismay when Donald Trump won the Republican Party’s nomination. I made excuses for Republican elected officials who didn’t publicly stand up to him. They had to stay in his favor to keep the worst from happening, and I was sure they were working behind the scenes to keep his worst tendencies in check.

But somewhere along the way, that rationalization becomes a slippery slope to enabling division and hate.

We cannot exchange economic prosperity and conservative judicial appointments for the principles we hold dear as Republicans, as Americans and as people of faith.

In Luke 19, Jesus said: “I tell you, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

Where is God’s grace in telling people that when the looting starts, the shooting starts? Where is His love in spreading false rumors about a death that happened 20 years ago and rips open a wound for the family? Where is His mercy and justice in Trump’s order to Republican and Democrat governors to “do retribution?”

It’s a stark contrast to the admonition in Micah 6:8 to do justice.

Yes, the Bible is full of imperfect people that God chooses to deliver his message – from King David to Simon Peter. But all have a deep, abiding love of God and want to do His will even if they fall far short from time to time.

Donald Trump is not one of those people. He risked the lives of protesters and law enforcement officials to walk across the street to a church he doesn’t attend while holding a Bible he doesn’t read. The Word is not a prop.

How does the devil eat an elephant? One sound bite at a time.

Republican officeholders, please stand up for a return to the decency and conservative principles that have defined your public service in the past. The stones are crying out, but it’s not too late.

Carla Blanton owns a public relations firm in Lexington, and is the former communications director for Gov. Ernie Fletcher and the Louisville Metro Council’s Republican Caucus. She may be reached at carlablantonconsulting@gmail.com.