Primary ’19: Dems see more drop-off

It’s not unusual for voters to head into the ballot box and not vote for all the races on the ballot. Such was the case this year.
For both parties, the governors’ races drew the greatest number of votes, and drop-off from the top of the ticket to down-ballot races varied greatly. Democrats saw a drop-off of 105,305 voters from the governor’s race, which drew the most voters, to the auditor’s race, which drew the fewest. For the GOP, the difference between the most (governor) and the least (secretary of state) was 31,066.
This table shows the drop-off in votes cast in the May 19 primary election. The primaries for Republican auditor and treasurer were uncontested as was the Democratic attorney general’s race. The numbers below are unofficial numbers from the Kentucky Secretary of State. Table by The Kentucky Gazette.

Governor 259,854
Attorney general 239,350
Ag commissioner 235,965
Secretary of State 228,788
Difference    -31,066

Governor 394,490
Secretary of state 371,085
Ag commissioner 336,903
Treasurer 328,523
Auditor 289,185
Difference    -105,305