Trump’s Proposed 2018 Federal Budget

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for 2018 has raised concerns for many Americans. Trump’s budget is set to make cuts in several areas that will directly affect the working middle-class, the class that he geared his campaign towards.

The budget will eliminate funding for before and after-school programs, as well as summer programs offered by many schools. There will be a $1.4 billion increase for charter schools, however. This affects Kentucky after the passing of House Bill 520, a proposal to bring Charter Schools to the commonwealth.

The budget would also eliminate funding for the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), which is responsible for funding local improvement efforts and anti-poverty programs. The CDBG also helps fund infrastructure development. Trump was adamant about presenting a rebuilding package to congress that would include repairing US roads, bridges and airports within his first 100 days in office. At the time of writing this, we’re on day 72. No plan has been mentioned.

There are some bright spots in the budget. One includes a $4.4 billion increase in funding to the Veterans Affairs. Most of this money will go towards the veterans’ health care programs. The plan will fund extensions towards the Veterans Choice Program. This allows veterans to receive care outside of VA hospitals when the hospitals are not able to provide care in a timely manner.

Take a look at President Trump’s proposed 2018 budget below for more details and information.

Click on the image below to see the full budget proposal. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader – File size 1 mg