Episode 110 of The Kentucky Gazette Podcast!

Show Notes for Episode 110 with Laura Cullen Glasscock & Leo Haggerty

  • Economic growth: how many jobs can governors take credit for creating?
  • The ‘Energy Independence’ Executive Order which among other things scraps the Obama era clean power plan, which calls on the states to reduce electric utility emissions, will it put miners here in Kentucky and in other states back to work?
  • The proposed Trump Administration budget for 2018 proposes cutting funding for the arts. What could that budget mean for the arts and humanities?
  • A personal experience and made Laura a call on congress to do something about prescription drug prices…
  • Anna Bauman from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy with “Trump Budget Would Hurt KY.”
  • Jim Waters president of the Bluegrass Institute on Public Policy Solutions with “A Shakespearean take on an Amish farmer’s salve.”
  • Book Review: Richard Nixon The Life” by John A. Farrell.
  • “Notes & Quotes” wife of Kentucky’s senior senator, Secretary Elaine Chao recently talked about being an “outsider.”
  • Kentucky Teachers Retirement Executive Director Gary Harbin gets his headline

Listener Question:

  • What’s the difference between reporting, op-ed and columns?


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